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“Cloudtech24 is a well-established cyber security operations company that operates 24/7 and offers integrated IT support. Ensuring the security of our clients’ data is a fundamental part of our service. Recently, we partnered with Cirtec Group to enhance our access control system throughout our entire building. Cirtec implemented a comprehensive cloud solution utilizing Akuvox cloud platform, enabling effortless management of all units from any location. The solution is not only extensive in features but easy to use and with excellent access reporting.” Andrew Dale Technical Director

Andrew Dale
Technical Director

Cutting-edge technology

In a rapidly evolving world, security has become a top priority for businesses, accommodation providers, and holiday homeowners. Whether you are a small business owner, a hotelier, or someone who wants to safeguard their vacation or short let property, investing in an access control system is a game-changer. Imagine a world where you can have full control over who enters your premises, without compromising convenience. With access control systems, this vision becomes a reality. Gone are the days of fumbling for keys or worrying about lost or stolen access cards. Say hello to a seamless and secure experience.

Why you should consider an access control system:

Why you should consider an access control system:

Don’t let security concerns hold you back from achieving your business goals or enjoying a worry-free break away. Embrace the power of access control systems and unlock a world of convenience, security, and peace of mind.

Contact us now to explore the possibilities and take your security to new heights. Invest in an access control system and step confidently into the future.

Unparalleled Security

Protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your employees, guests, or tenants is paramount. Access control systems provide an extra layer of security by restricting entry to authorised individuals only. No more unauthorised access or strangers wandering around your property.

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Customisable Solutions

Every business, accommodation, or holiday home has unique needs. Access control systems offer a range of customisable options to suit your requirements. From simple keyless entry systems to advanced biometric scanners, the possibilities are endless. Tailor the system to fit your property’s specific needs and enjoy peace of mind.

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Enhanced Convenience

Bid farewell to the hassle of traditional lock and key systems. Access control systems simplify your life by eliminating the need for physical keys. Instead, you can grant or revoke access remotely, track entry logs, and receive real-time notifications. Plus, forget about the inconvenience of re-keying when an employee or tenant leaves. With just a few clicks, you can update access privileges effortlessly.

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Time and Cost Savings

Managing physical keys can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. Misplaced or stolen keys can lead to costly re-keying or lock replacement. Access control systems eliminate these concerns, saving you time and money in the long run. Additionally, with the ability to remotely manage access, you can streamline your operations and focus on what matters most – running your business or enjoying your holiday.

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Future-Proof Technology

Access control systems are continuously evolving to keep up with the latest advancements in security. Stay ahead of the curve by investing in cutting-edge technology that adapts to future needs. From cloud-based systems to mobile access control, you can embrace the future of security today.

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Practical experience

Started by Paul Hallam, a seasoned entrepreneur and industry expert with an impressive 20+ years of experience in the telecommunications sector. As a co-owner of a highly successful telecoms company, Paul has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. However, his recent venture into the access control industry stems from a personal need to ensure the utmost security for his holiday villa in Spain, along with businesses increasing need for enhanced access security solutions to protect staff, assets and stock.

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Peace of mind

Having spent time enjoying the beauty of his Spanish retreat, Paul became increasingly aware of the potential vulnerabilities and risks associated with traditional security systems. Determined to find a solution that would not only safeguard his own property but also provide peace of mind to fellow villa owners, he embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technology and his ability to identify market gaps, Paul founded an access control company that specialises in providing comprehensive security solutions for holiday villas, quickly realising it’s worth in all industries. His vision is to offer a range of innovative access control systems that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, ensuring maximum protection against unauthorised access and potential threats across businesses, serviced accommodation and of course holiday homes.

Proven track record of success

With his proven track record of success in the telecoms industry, Paul’s new venture is poised to revolutionise how properties are secured in the UK, Spain and beyond. By combining his expertise in technology and his commitment to customer satisfaction, he aims to create a trusted brand that everyone can rely on for state-of-the-art security solutions. Paul entrepreneurial journey from the telecoms industry to the access control sector is not only driven by a genuine need to protect his own property but also by a desire to make a lasting impact in the industry. With his passion for innovation and his dedication to creating a safer environment, Paul is ready to redefine the standards of security in the access control market.

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A hassle-free experience

With a customer-centric approach, Paul and the team at Cirtec Group are committed to delivering tailored access control solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We prioritise efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all.

Join us in embracing a new era of access control. Contact Cirtec Group today and discover how our innovative solutions can transform your Access systems and simplify your life.

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