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Vaping in schools has increased, and it’s important for all education sites to tackle this issue to ensure safety of both pupils and staff.

Not just sensors, not just CCTV; with Verkada, you can combine security tools to get next-level vape monitoring inside your school.

From school toilets to locker rooms, Verkada smoke and vape detectors will send an SMS alert when vaping is detected. And with student privacy a consideration, CCTV cameras blur faces, with the ability to un-blur in the event of an incident.

Vaping is on the rise in the younger generation, and a proactive, preventative approach is the answer to keeping pupil’s safe and mitigating the health implications associated with vaping. Vape detectors are vital tools to monitor this growing issue, and to keep your students safe.

Verkada’s products allow education sites to put safeguarding first, with real-time alerts direct to your phone, a centralised cloud hub for reporting and data storage, and even voice activation on the units to issue warnings.

Monitor vape and smoke incidents in any location

Experience efficient, safe, cloud-based technology

Get instant SMS alerts when vaping is detected

Pair sensors with CCTV for a full incident picture

Up to 10-year warranty

Automatic updates

Flexibility: place the sensors in any room, and choose as little or as many units as you need

Increased visibility

Monitor vape and cigarette smoke at the same time from the same unit

Keep air quality safe, promoting a healthy environment for staff and pupils

Promote safeguarding and school policy

StaySecure Vape and Smoke Detection

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