Spotting vape devices in schools: a guide for schools

Despite it being illegal in the UK to sell vaping devices or e-cigarettes to anyone aged under 18, vaping has become a growing concern in schools and classrooms.

The enormous range of sweet-smelling flavours and bright coloured vape devices, coupled with marketing that is often aimed at and appeals to young people, means that the increasing figures of 11–17-year-olds who are vaping is alarming, but, unfortunately, unsurprising. Last year, a staggering 20.5% of children had tried vaping, up from 15.8% from the year before.

It is important for not only parents and carers, but educators and anyone working with young people, to familiarise themselves with the range of vape devices that are currently on the market. In particular, which of these devices students and young people are most likely to be using.

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By familiarising yourself with the basic categories of vape devices, you are more equipped to spot the presence and potential use of them in your school. Here are the three main vape devices you should be on the lookout for in your school.

  • Disposable E-cigarettes – research has shown that these are the most popular option amongst young people due to their compact and discrete nature, with some resembling highlighter pens or USB drives. These prove to be the most difficult to spot in schools as they are much easier to conceal.
  • Rechargeable E-cigarettes – another popular option amongst students, as these are generally smaller and like the disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable e-cigarettes often mimic everyday objects which can make detection more difficult.
  • Tanks and Mods – these are a less popular vape device amongst younger people due to their typically larger size and cylindrical tank attached to a box-shaped mod.

Ultimately, the discrete nature of disposable e-cigarettes makes them a popular choice for young people wanting to vape undiscovered, making the need for vape detectors in school ever more necessary. This is where Cirtec can help.

Being able to identify these inconspicuous vape devices can help towards the detection and tackling of vaping in schools, but alone it is not enough. At Cirtec, our StaySecure vape detectors have been designed to be incredibly robust and offer security and safety to schools and colleges. Schools need technology they can trust and works for their staff and students.

Through rigorous testing and development, we have developed tamper-proof cases for all vape detector units making them fully equipped to withstand any form of vandalism or sensor damage.

We also have a variety of options depending on your needs and budget. Whether you’re simply looking for units that can just do the detection basics, or you require an advanced centralised security system that connects CCTV with vape detector technology, then we’ve got your school covered.

StaySecure can provide vape monitoring inside your school in any location. Whether it’s high traffic or low traffic areas, our sensitive sensors detect vape particles, as well as cigarette smoke, promoting safer air quality in your school.

Our vape detection system is seamlessly integrated and easy to install, allowing for remote management from any device. Discover the full features and benefits of StaySecure vape detectors for schools.

If your school is struggling to minimise vaping and smoking incidents amongst students, then simply get in contact where our team of experts can cater to your unique requirements and identify the best vape detector setup for your site.

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