Our next webinar: the importance of vape detectors for schools

Vaping among young people continues to rise, but what does this mean for schools?

Whether you’re a Trust, a college, an academy or a high school, pupil health and safety, and safeguarding is paramount. With vaping numbers increasing, schools are having to find proactive ways to monitor, control and limit the use of vapes by pupils.

The focus of the webinar: Vape Detectors for Schools

In our upcoming webinar, ‘Safeguarding Pupils in Schools with Vape Detectors’, we tackle the issue of vaping head-on, giving the rundown on the e-cigarette landscape, the rising health risks, and how schools can proactively nip vaping in the bud with the use of vape detectors.

Key areas we’ll be covering:

  • The role of vape detectors in schools and what they do
  • How vape detectors help administrators identify, address and control vaping incidents
  • A thorough run-through of how our scalable, cloud-based solutions work across sites and spaces of all sizes
  • The key benefits of multi-feature smoke and vape detectors

This webinar is an insightful session open to anyone concerned about pupils health and safety, and how vape detectors can help schools monitor and manage vaping, as well as protect students.

It’s a fantastic resource for anyone working in the education sector, including school administrators, health professionals, teachers, as well as those working closely with regulations and safeguarding policies.

When is the webinar and how do I sign up?

The webinar will be held online, streaming live on Thursday 6th June from 13:00pm – 13:30pm. Secure your spot, sign up today using this link.

Find out more about Cirtec and what we do, or contact us directly to discuss your vape detector needs.

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